Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company

Stan’s Cafe is a group of artists from a variety of disciplines, though primarily theatre practitioners, working under the artistic direction of James Yarker. The company consists of a core of long term collaborators and a range of associated artists. The line up changes according to the project being worked upon. This project held in the South London, uses grains of rice to provide a visual image for a series of statistics and numbers.

Cross Bones Graveyard

In the Southwark area of London with the looming Shard in the distance lies the Cross bones Graveyard. The small unconsecrated area that is still believed to hold the remains of over 1500 people. Commonly referred to as a prostitutes graveyard, excavations of the site which began in 1991 revealed that in fact two thirds of those found were under the age of five. Despite its early links with the red light district, over the years it became a paupers cemetery, which was finally closed in 1853 with overcrowding at such a point that coffins were said to be placed…